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Being Wanda Cooper: Mother's Day Reflections from One Black Mother to Another

An essay from guest blogger Wanda Cooper, MA

More than few people have commented that I share the same name with Ahmaud Arbery’s mom. My sons woke up this morning and wished me Happy Mother’s Day, and though I’m blessed, I could not help but to think of her today. She will never hear those words again from him.

I wish to tell her that what she is going through is the biggest fear that so many African American mothers pray we may never know. The fear that the racist, hateful, ungodly threads that are woven into this country’s fabric will snatch and kill our children as they go about their normal activities; driving, walking, laying on their couch, or simply jogging. And then we will have to fight like hell to get the world to pause and demand justice from a racist and perverted system that dismisses us as being too dramatic.

I wish to tell her Ahmaud’s name and life will always be remembered by me and most of all by my two sons who had the privilege of waking up this morning to fight another day. I will teach them to fight by honoring his abbreviated life and to make it count for something; at the voting booth, the boardroom, city council, college, on the playing field, teaching, in the music studio and so many other places where Aumaud’s brothers throughout the nation, even the world, will step into the justice they are due. And to rise to their full authentic potential.

I stand with you to let this nation know, it can kill them like dogs in the street, but it will never silence their barks. And it will never silence their mothers.

Wanda Cooper Jones, the struggle is real and we share your pain. Instead of Happy Mothers Day, I pray for your continued strength to fight like hell and make sure everyone’s knows your son’s name, the beauty he gave to you, his family and friends, and the senseless way he was killed. Be Fierce, my sister, Be Fierce!

Wanda Cooper, MA is an administrative professional in the healthcare field. Wanda specializes in geriatric care, healthcare leadership, and diversity.

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