Radical Empathy

The danger of blogging is that it’s thoughts about a moment in time, an experience, a topic. And current events have the particular concern that additional information about the event will emerge and change the story completely. So that’s a disclaimer. But for now, I am compelled to write about “The Stanford Rape Case”. It’s impossible to not be feeling “some kind of way” about the case. In case you missed it, the case involves a Stanford male student, with a promising academic and swimming career, who raped a woman he met at a party. She also had/has a promising academic and work trajectory. He has been named, and she has chosen to stay anonymous. She was unconscious at the time of th


Hello, and welcome to my blog! This blog is a new venture for me. I typically don't begin new things not knowing where it will lead, but this is the case with this blog. What I know for sure is that I have an interest in continuing conversations about current events, the need for healing, relationship-building and shaping a way forward together. I have an unwaivering passion for Relational Cultural Theory. RCT is an approach which focuses on the centrality of human connections, sees isolation as the source of human suffering, and posits an understanding of race and culture as a part of the relational experience. It is an approach which has been with me for almost 30 years, and it is the